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You’ve done everything available to optimize your product listings for Amazon’s customers. You’re laser focused on maximizing your sales velocity through high conversion rates, driving qualified traffic via the best keywords, and growing your product reviews compliantly. What’s left?

Driving New Buyers to Amazon

You can still do more. As we all know, not every consumer begins their product search on Amazon. There are a lot of customers still searching out there! You can expand your customer base and still drive them back to Amazon to improve your rank when they buy.

There are many things you can do outside of Amazon optimization to increase your sales. 

Social media: Facebook and Instagram are huge opportunities for wellness brands. Using the powerful content you created for your brand experience - and that you may be using on your Amazon Posts - is perfect to capture social media followers. 

Then you can sponsor ads on that platform to boost your followers, and also to boost your traffic to your Amazon product listings. 

Paid search: If you’ve already mastered Amazon’s advertising platform, Google and Bing will offer new challenges for you. While you can rely on your experience as you get started, there will be plenty that you need to learn to be successful. Start small and with high-intent keywords that are more likely to convert. 

Organic search: If you’ve got a lot of that great content we’ve discussed a few times already - whether it’s written copy, video, or images, you probably already have a great baseline to begin optimizing your site for organic search. Test whether you convert more highly (and profitably) from directing purchases on your website or on Amazon. You might be surprised. 

Increasing Customer Stickiness

There is a lot of opportunity to increase your customer stickiness with off-Amazon marketing, too. Repeat buyers can be worth more than new buyers over their lifetime and cultivating them should happen across every touchpoint.

Social media: As you grow your followers, pay special attention to those who hand-raise as customers. Consider creating special content just for current users of your product, or invite them to tell their own stories. Capturing their stories will help you - but will also create loyalty as they delight in the chance to talk about themselves on your platform.

Email: If you’ve grown your customer base large enough, email can be a great way to keep them engaged. From promoting upcoming Amazon Deals to asking for reviews, keeping your own email list will benefit you by allowing you access to engage with customers outside of Amazon’s platform. 

Your packaging: One of the best off-Amazon marketing tools? Your product’s packaging. Your product packaging is an important part of your relationship with consumers, which is incredibly important for wellness brands. Don’t discount the power of your packaging to:

  • Underscore your brand and its image
  • Provide something of value to the consumer - like tips, or a best practice for use
  • Give your consumer a “premium” experience through its color, feel, or smell
  • Encourage an immediate action - whether purchasing another item or leaving a review

Think packaging isn’t important? Then just think about the last time you purchased something that came in a terrible package. Was it frustrating to open? Utterly bereft of product details? Covered in misspellings? A truly terrible package stands out to a consumer, and can drive them to never purchase again - or worse malign you in the reviews. 

Aim for a packaging experience that delights the consumer - there’s a reason there are thousands of “unboxing” videos on social media. The package can sometimes become experience.

While packaging is a major opportunity that is under-utilized by many wellness brands, make sure you are following Amazon’s packaging standards

So, Are You Looking for More Amazon Marketing Strategies? Here’s Where to Turn Next.

Intrinsic is here to help you take your next step towards growing your Amazon business.

If you’re curious about how you can further grow and scale your brand, start by scheduling a consultation with the Intrinsic team. As experts in both Amazon and consumer health products, we can talk through your unique situation, and guide you transparently about the right next steps for you.

During your free consultation, we’ll discuss your vision and your goals, as well as the concrete steps you can take in the coming months to increase your consumer health brand value.

Regardless of how far you’ve come or how far you have yet to grow, it’s always a great choice to think about the future. Get started on your next chapter by connecting with Intrinsic.