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We acquire over-the-counter (OTC) brands with products that positively impact women's health.

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Performance Highlights


Average top line growth per brand post acquisition


Growth driven by new product launches and channel expansion


Average new international market expansions per brand since launch


Store launches Q2'23 for one of our top brands


Organic social impressions generated YTD for one of our top brands

Our Growth Playbook

Our brands make a real difference in the lives of women and those they love.


  • Website redesign
  • Packaging refresh
  • New marketplace storefronts

Example of OTC branding refresh


  • Increased conversion rates
  • Positioned brand for major retail placements


  • Create product bundles
  • Line extensions
  • New product innovations

Example of new device launched under existing brand umbrella


  • Improved long-term customer retention
  • Increased basket sizes


  • Engage social media influencers
  • Grow affiliates & public relations
  • Search Engine Optimization (Google & Amazon)

Influencer marketing campaign


  • Improved traffic, for example one campaign drove 25 million views for $6,000
  • Improved SEO and product discovery


  • Expand eCommerce and brick & mortar retailers
  • Identify specialty marketplaces
  • Optimize payers, providers & distributors



  • Found payers & distributors
  • New channels now 20% of sales (up from 10%)

Customer Testimonials

"Game changer for my pumping journey. I was SO on the fence about these because I didn’t know if it would help enough to justify the price. Let me tell you it does! Even if you don’t pump more milk with these, they make the pumping more comfortable!"


"My daughter is 2.5, so one bottle lasts about 1.5 months. It’s a great deal. The only problem is that they taste so yummy that my husband and I eat them too! … Great supplement (not replacement!) for a well-balanced healthy diet … We've tried another brand but you had to give 3(!!) gummies per serving and they didn’t taste nearly as good. Highly recommend!"

Kids’ Multi-Vitamin

"I had a very tumultuous breastfeeding journey in the beginning, struggling to get my supply up to feed my twins. I worked really hard to make it work. On one of your packages, there was a sticker. Inside the sticker were words of encouragement. They brought me to tears and kept my journey going. I cherish that sticker as a key aid that kept me going and helped me reach my goals of feeding my twins for a year."

Lactation Support Supplement

"I got these to stop the bedtime fight. My older two kids would always tell me they brushed their teeth "enough". Well they quickly saw that they hadn't been when chewing these tablets. Now their teeth are whiter and smell better!"

Kids’ Oral Care Product

"I’m so appreciative and thank you so much!! I struggle to find prenatals that don’t make me gassy."

Prenatal Vitamins

"I am in love with the Pump Strap! All of the other hands free bras knock the pedal off of my pump, causing me to lose suction. Which means I have to start all over. So frustrating!! I am able to secure everything in place with this gem!! Thanks for putting so much thought and hard work into the Pump Strap!"

Lactation Support Apparel

"Chemo really messed up my liver and I started noticing that I was having really bad breath. I started taking these lozenges and now my breath is so minty."

Oral Probiotic

"Thank you for saving me when I wanted to quit. The first seven weeks of nursing without this were miserable but week eight is a whole new world. I’m recommending this to all new moms! Thank you!!!"

Lactation Support Device

"🙂 you are making me not dread breastfeeding!! I think it is the worst lolololl but now i’m looking forward to it!!"

Lactation Support (Multiple Products)

Our Strategic Approach

Intrinsic scales non-prescription women’s health brands through increased marketing capabilities, new sales channels and portfolio innovation.

At Intrinsic, we're dedicated to empowering women by bringing them innovative and effective health products. Our passion lies in acquiring consumer health brands that offer women effective solutions for a variety of health concerns. From menstrual health to menopause and beyond, we're committed to positively impacting women's health.