Making the world healthier by putting women first

We build brands that make a difference in the lives of women and those they love.


Why Women’s Health?

Women of different ages and race smiling and embracing

Women’s Health is Human Health.

Female scientist peering into a microscope

Women are underserved and under-researched, creating vast unmet needs.

A small girl, a woman in her early 30s, a man in his early 30s and a child embracing as a family

Women not only manage their own health, but they also take care of their loved ones.

Our Focus

We acquire brands that address women's needs across their entire health journey.

Conditions specific to women

Conditions that impact women disproportionately or differently

Conditions that impact women as the caretaker


What Makes You Different

You’re on a mission

To accelerate products and ideas that improve the lives of women and their families.

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Your brand serves unmet needs

You understand what matters most to women, and you have built a consumer health brand that they trust.

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You’re committed to growth

Growing your brand to its full potential requires online and offline channels. We know both.

What Makes Us Different

We’re a team of consumer health experts committed to women’s health.

“We are building what we believe to be the first diversified CPG company focused entirely on women's health.”
Portrait of Erum

Erum Hasnain


“Our goal is to take every brand that we acquire and turn it into a household name.”
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Chris Giacolone


How We Build Brands

We nurture innovations in areas of women’s health that have been neglected by traditional healthcare.

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We use M&A instead of R&D to build a portfolio of trusted women’s health brands.

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We develop economies of scale through operational excellence and state of the art analytics.

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Our team turns breakout brands into household names by introducing new marketing capabilities, sales channels, and portfolio innovation.