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We will buy your health & wellness brand, and grow it to have the impact you always dreamed it could.


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What We Buy & Build

Brands that improve lives

vitamins from a health & wellness private label brand

Vitamins & Supplements

Hands holding over the counter pain medication

Pain Relief & OTC

a collection of personal care and wellness products like body soap and linens

Personal Care

a mother holding her newborn child

Mom & Baby

a woman who might use pads, tampons, menstrual cups or other products

Feminine Care

a blush brush, earrings, bronzer, mascara, and other make up items


a man with a white smile holding a toothbrush and toothpaste

Oral Care

a close up of a woman's eye

Eye, Ear & Nose

an orthopedic cast on a man's arm


a fitness watch displaying heart rate and other body vitals


a woman in pjs sleeping on a pillow and bedsheets


a dog in a pet carrying device

And more

What Makes us Different

We’re on a mission

To accelerate products and ideas that make a difference in people’s lives.

supplements and pills made by small business
a healthy elderly man looking happy

We’re exclusively focused on health & wellness

Growing a consumer health brand to its full potential requires specialized expertise.

We’re world class operators

We have spent decades growing brands across all online and offline channels, with unmatched experience on Amazon.

packages out for fulfillment in an amazon FBA center
two small business owners investigating investment options over a laptop

We’re a community

Connect with fellow entrepeneurs, share knowledge to help each other grow, and maybe even find your next business partner.

We’re a network of experts

With Intrinsic, you can benefit from the brilliance and reach of world-class brand-builders like Tony Robbins.

We're a network of experts

With Intrinsic, you can benefit from the brilliance and reach of world-class brand-builders like Tony Robbins.

What to Expect from us

Maximum value, speedy process & true partnership


Initial Evaluation

Our team of experts learns about your goals, assesses your brand & develops a growth plan.
3-5 days



We present a tailored proposal to meet your goals and sign a Letter of Intent for purchase.
1-2 days



We review all relevant metrics, documents and relationships to help us finalize the growth plan.
30 days



Your brand is integrated into our platform. You share in the upside.
15 days



You have access to specialized resources and our network of experts to help you develop your next big idea.
Intrinsic for life

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