A Comprehensive Definition of Women’s Health

Women's Health is Human Health.

Our definition of Women's Health

We look beyond conditions that are only specific to women.

Health needs that are unique to women

Health needs that impact women differently or disproportionately

Health needs that impact women as caretakers

Women are Chief Health Officers of their households

Women are the primary consumer of healthcare for themselves, as well as their family members, partners and loved ones.

The current healthcare system has failed to address her everyday needs. We are building trusted over-the-counter brands to support her along her entire health journey.

Women’s health is critically underserved

a woman seeking information online

9 of 10 women seek health information online.

healthcare professionals searching through data on their computer

~1% of healthcare research and innovation is invested in female-specific conditions beyond oncology. (McKinsey)

a woman overwhelmed by healthcare

2 in 3 women feel misunderstood by the healthcare market.
(CVS Health)

Our team of consumer health experts is passionate about improving health outcomes for women. That’s why we set out to acquire and grow brands that invest in women’s health.